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Founded by Uju AbdulKadir, a woman on a mission to bridge the gap between two diverse cultures and create a sustainable and prominent niche in the fashion industry locally and globally, Afrikoncept combines Ankara, tie and dye and other African materials to western outfits in order to achieve unique fashion-forward looks appealing to Africans at home, in the diaspora and across the rest of the globe.


We are a little different, we are a lifestyle. We endlessly develop creative ways of telling our stories and connecting with our heritage through an authentic, unique and world-class blend of western and African fashion.


We are changing the western fashion narrative using the very best of what we have in the continent to look modern.


We seek to creatively tie old, ethnic fashion with bold, modern fashion to create a diverse range of African clothing and accessories. Afrikoncept uses authentic African fabrics to create African inspired fashion products that tells the African story.

Our vision is to be Africa’s best ‘one-stop-shop’ fashion conglomerate that passionately and consciously delivers and promotes authentic, world-class African inspired fashion pieces to Africans and the world. 

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  1. AFRIKONCEPT no imageNigeria
    Combo Black
    combo black
    As low as $24.97
  2. AFRIKONCEPT no imageNigeria
    Combo Yellow
    combo yellow
    As low as $24.97
  3. AFRIKONCEPT no imageNigeria
    Handmade Yellow
    handmade yellow
    As low as $14.11
  4. AFRIKONCEPT no imageNigeria
    Kimono Batik
    kimono batik
    As low as $18.46
  5. AFRIKONCEPT no imageNigeria
    Kimono Red
    kimono red
    As low as $18.46
  6. AFRIKONCEPT no imageNigeria
    Aster Hoodie Green
    aster hoodie green
    As low as $18.46
  7. AFRIKONCEPT no imageNigeria
    Adanma Bomber Jacket
    adanma bomber jacket
    As low as $33.66
  8. AFRIKONCEPT no imageNigeria
    Multi-Purpose African Print Scarf
    multi-purpose african print scarf
    As low as $2.61
  9. AFRIKONCEPT no imageNigeria
    Isioma Batik Sweat
    isioma batik sweat
    As low as $26.06

10 Items

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